Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week II Recap: Tiki

How can one resist the allure of glorious Portuguese coffee with cardamom, bitter chocolate, almond and lime zest, dark rum and a drizzling of sweetened condensed milk? One cannot!

(Photo by Zero Coordinate,Inc.)

"The rhythm of the savages, the music of the idols, the depths of mystery. Taste this combination of cardamom, almond, lime zest and bitter chocolate with rich Portuguese coffee, dark West Indian rum, and sweetened condensed milk, and be transported to a hidden jungle paradise."

Have you listened to those savage sounds? The deep jungle sounds of Tiki? Open your ears to the glorious sounds of the Waitiki 7 playing this exotica classic. As always, if you love it, show it, and buy it!

Tomorrow... join me and Will "The Thrill" Vilharo for Mermaid Movie Night at Forbidden Island, and the launch of his new pulp novel. Mermaid drink specials, and me in costume! Don't miss it.

I'll see YOU at the Island!


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