Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week I Recap: Sim Sim

What a fantastic night. Wow. I had a killer time listening to the lazy exotica spinning at the fingertips of Jack, Gina, and Otto, and the Week 1 cocktail, the Sim Sim, was a hit. Thank you, all of you!

Thanks to Paul McMillan and Gabriel Hurley of Zero Coordinate, Inc, I have some stunning shots of the Sim Sim. For those of you not fortunate enough to have joined us on Wednesday evening, the Sim Sim is made from fresh muddled black cherries, a house made orange flower water syrup, gin, lemon and cherry bitters.

Will Anzeberger, a Season I Black Orchid Club VIP, also came in and shot a really nice photo of the cocktail and the flyer:

LISTEN to the sounds of the Sim Sim! This cocktail is named after a track on one of my favorite Arthur Lyman albums, Taboo. Exotic bird calls paired with glorious percussion and Lyman's fantastic vibraphone are the hallmarks of the famous Arthur Lyman sound. Enjoy the track, and remember to buy it if you love it.

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