Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spider Monkey and Gitarzan

Yes, you’ve heard all about it, and you’ve been waiting for it…  tonight’s the night!  Flambeed Banana Coconut Curry.  It really WILL knock your socks off.

Here are tonight’s cocktails:

Spider Monkey

Deep rich coffee, dark rum, exotic spices and flambeed banana... it truly doesn't get better than this.  That is, until it is served to you in our 20oz goblet topped with curried whipped cream.


"He makes A and E and he's workin' on B, he digs C&W and R&B, and me and the chimpanzee agree that someday soon he will be a a CE-LEB-RI-TY."  This delight of Lemon Hart Demerara Rum, fresh lime juice, and our flambeed banana coconut curry mix will make you a celebrity too... or at least sing like one.

If the title “Gitarzan” doesn’t already have you laughing, then have a taste of the cocktail’s namesake:  this novelty song from 1969 by Ray Stevens about the rock and roll dreams of Tarzan, Jane and their pet monkey.


They’re all you can stand!  Give ‘em a hand!  Gitarzan!


I’ll see YOU, TONIGHT, at the Island! 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a recap! PDX Cocktail Camp! Sessions XII and more!

Wow, has it been an AWESOME few weeks. Amazing things have been happening at Forbidden Island, with Black Orchid Sessions, and in my other adventures, and so much exciting stuff if coming up that it nearly warrants three or four blog posts. But, you're getting it all, right here, right now!

I recently returned from Portland, OR for the first ever CocktailCamp, an awesome all day event put on by Kenn Wilson (of, and Aaron Jorbin ( The event took place at the New Deal Distillery, where seminars were programmed all day with break-out sessions available. This was a wonderful event! I spoke as part of a panel of professional mixologists and bartenders (Jacob Grier, of Branch Whiskey Bar, Portland; Ricky Gomez, of Teardrop Lounge, Portland; Mindy Cook, of Toro Bravo, Portland; Elizabeth Markham, of Beaker & Flask, Portland, and myself, of Forbidden Island, natch) fielding questions from the audience. It was a treat to meet some of these clearly very talented and innovative folks, and I was really pleased to be there. There was also a just phenomenal triple presentation on tiki topics (Rum, Gum, and Lime) by the illustrious tiki trio Craig “Colonel Tiki” Hermann, Blair “Trader Tiki” Reynolds and Matt “Rumdood” Robold. I highly recommend setting your sights on this for next year, if you want to plan a trip to the City of Roses.

My trip was further highlighted by a visit (actually two visits!) to Clyde Common (fabulous food and excellent cocktails), and Thatch. I was very impressed with the barrel aging they're experimenting with in cocktails at Clyde Common (Barrel-Aged Negroni - what a brilliant idea - not too dissimilar to the aged rum barrels available by request at the Mai Kai), and I really enjoyed the One-Trick Pony made with a house-made tonic water. Good stuff. And Thatch.... WOW. Let's just say that some top secret, top shelf, amazing things appeared. While we weren't paying attention. And we don't remember any of it. At all.

The Oregonian ran a nice story about CocktailCamp and quoted me. Check it out:

In homefront news, on April 22nd we celebrated Forbidden Island's 4th anniversary... by rolling out a brand new, 20 cocktail addition to our menu! This addition focuses on Savoy-style classic cocktails, and innovations in the style. Let me tell you, there are some out-of-this-world cocktails to be had. You're going to love 'em. Take a peek at all the new potables at:

What about Black Orchid SESSIONS, you are wondering? (It was loud. I could hear it. I know you're thirsty, and I know you want to know what this week's secret ingredient is, so here it comes...)

Flambeed Banana Coconut Curry.


It is as amazing as it sounds! I am so excited about this mix, I can't begin to tell you. It is decadent, delicious, dangerous, and very, very, very drinkable. Just wait til you get your monkey hands on the cocktails for tomorrow evening. Fantastic! Gitarzan!

Also, stay tuned for Street Food Carts at Forbidden Island - this Sunday, May 2, we've got wood-fired pizza from the portable ovens of The Pizza Hacker.

...and very soon, Forbidden Island will be OPENING on MONDAY EVENINGS, with custom cocktails from yours truly, all night long.

You've heard the whispers. Start saving those Monday nights!

I'll see YOU at the Island!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photos of Sessions

What a joy in this world is a happy tipsy imbiber with a camera!  This is a collection of great photos of Black Orchid Sessions.  Enjoy!

ottoexotica Otto Von Stroheim DJs monthly at Forbidden Island on the first Wednesday of each month.  Cocktails pictured are the Exotica Cocktail (front, in honor of Martin Denny), and Strawberry-A-Go-Go.  Photo by Bill “Mai Tai” Graff.

aztecstargazer The Aztec Stargazer – Blanco Tequila, Coconut, Lime and Pineapple.  Out of this world, truly.  Photo by Bill “Mai Tai” Graff.

SuzanneinSessionsOne of me, in Sessions.  Cocktail was created for Dave Hildebrandt and is called Uranus, “The Magician.”  It features St. George Absinthe, gin, lemon juice and my house made Exotica Syrup (bitter chocolate orange).  Photo taken 3/3/2010 by Devora Z.

I’ll see YOU at the Island!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Something AWESOME at Forbidden Island… Street Food Carts and Island Time Cocktails

wrathofpelefire Starting tomorrow (that’s right, on Easter), I’m really excited to announce that something new and totally awesome is beginning at Forbidden Island.  Tomorrow is the debut of the partnership of many awesome street food carts and Forbidden Island.  We’re giving a whole new meaning to Sunday Brunch!

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about Street Food, this is an awesome movement in San Francisco of gourmet food carts that bop around from place to place in the city serving hot amazing food on the spot.  There are dozens of awesome carts, including tomorrow’s featured guest, LumpiaCartLumpiaCart will be at FI starting at 5pm serving up hot, fresh Lumpia (fried Filipino style egg rolls) and other treats.  This is fresh, hot, and awesome, and you’re going to love it.  Pair that with a cocktail from our amazing Island Time menu, such as the Wrath of Pele (pictured), and you’re set!  Check out more about LumpiaCart by following them on Twitter at and check out their Yelp page too:

Future carts we will be featuring include ThePizzaHacker (wood fired pizzas – yes really, right on the spot at FI, May 2nd, don’t miss it!) and La Marea of the Sea, will be shucking oysters and serving freshly prepared Cerviche and Shrimp Tostadas (during our Sea Shanty event on April 18th with the Shark Alley Hobos featuring Tippy Canoe).  Many, many more to come!  Watch this space and our twitter feed for details about each week’s featured carts.


I’ll see YOU, on Sundays, at the Island!