Sunday, April 4, 2010

Something AWESOME at Forbidden Island… Street Food Carts and Island Time Cocktails

wrathofpelefire Starting tomorrow (that’s right, on Easter), I’m really excited to announce that something new and totally awesome is beginning at Forbidden Island.  Tomorrow is the debut of the partnership of many awesome street food carts and Forbidden Island.  We’re giving a whole new meaning to Sunday Brunch!

For those of you who haven’t yet heard about Street Food, this is an awesome movement in San Francisco of gourmet food carts that bop around from place to place in the city serving hot amazing food on the spot.  There are dozens of awesome carts, including tomorrow’s featured guest, LumpiaCartLumpiaCart will be at FI starting at 5pm serving up hot, fresh Lumpia (fried Filipino style egg rolls) and other treats.  This is fresh, hot, and awesome, and you’re going to love it.  Pair that with a cocktail from our amazing Island Time menu, such as the Wrath of Pele (pictured), and you’re set!  Check out more about LumpiaCart by following them on Twitter at and check out their Yelp page too:

Future carts we will be featuring include ThePizzaHacker (wood fired pizzas – yes really, right on the spot at FI, May 2nd, don’t miss it!) and La Marea of the Sea, will be shucking oysters and serving freshly prepared Cerviche and Shrimp Tostadas (during our Sea Shanty event on April 18th with the Shark Alley Hobos featuring Tippy Canoe).  Many, many more to come!  Watch this space and our twitter feed for details about each week’s featured carts.


I’ll see YOU, on Sundays, at the Island!



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