Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spider Monkey and Gitarzan

Yes, you’ve heard all about it, and you’ve been waiting for it…  tonight’s the night!  Flambeed Banana Coconut Curry.  It really WILL knock your socks off.

Here are tonight’s cocktails:

Spider Monkey

Deep rich coffee, dark rum, exotic spices and flambeed banana... it truly doesn't get better than this.  That is, until it is served to you in our 20oz goblet topped with curried whipped cream.


"He makes A and E and he's workin' on B, he digs C&W and R&B, and me and the chimpanzee agree that someday soon he will be a a CE-LEB-RI-TY."  This delight of Lemon Hart Demerara Rum, fresh lime juice, and our flambeed banana coconut curry mix will make you a celebrity too... or at least sing like one.

If the title “Gitarzan” doesn’t already have you laughing, then have a taste of the cocktail’s namesake:  this novelty song from 1969 by Ray Stevens about the rock and roll dreams of Tarzan, Jane and their pet monkey.


They’re all you can stand!  Give ‘em a hand!  Gitarzan!


I’ll see YOU, TONIGHT, at the Island! 


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