Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sneak Peek for Week 4 and Recap Wks 1-3

Take a look at this gorgeous photo of tomorrow’s cocktail:


Have you been playing along online as well as in house?  Have you followed the links to collect your clues?  All of those links do lead to wild cards, so  you’ll want to be sure to check it all out!  Here is a little recap to help you with your adventuring:

The Scroll, and call to action:

scrollWeek One Card, the Sim Sim:

Week I Sim Sim FrontNote the web address:  http://ThePearloftheBlackOrchid.blogspot.com

Week Two Card, the Tiki:

Week II Tiki Front Did you ask for the Riddle Book while you were at FI?  If you did not, here is the text of the riddle:

“In order to commence, or to finish, this second position character must exist.  This character may pity the fool, may be a way to get to Harvard Square, and may be enjoyed hot or cold.”

If you think you know the answer, be sure to tell me tomorrow and be rewarded.

Week Three Card, Enchanted Sea:

Week III Enchanted Sea Front

Again, note a new web address on the card: ttp://MixingAdventurer.blogspot.com

Here is a photo of the Enchanted Sea:


Finally, last but most certainly not least, listen to the enchanting sounds of Martin Denny as he plays the cocktail’s namesake tune, Enchanted Sea:


Tomorrow will be an exciting day in the Black Orchid Club – you don’t want to miss it... there just may be some WILD CARDS to be claimed...  See you then!


I’ll see YOU at the Island!


-- Suzanne

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