Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tonight! Week 11 of the Black Orchid Club!

We've made it to Week 11, and we're rapidly approaching the end of the Black Orchid Club! As you know, the 13 weeks will be up the last Wednesday of January, and the Reckoning Party is coming up on February 3rd. I know that many of you have quite a few if not all of the cards, and now's the time to start letting me know how many you have so I can start getting all of the prizes ready. I've got some awesome stuff lined up for prizes and am very excited about the Reckoning Party.

Tonight, however, there is a special small contest happening, and it is photo related. Tonight, come in to FI and take a photo of the Black Orchid cocktail. Any media will do - fancy camera, cell phone camera, spy lapel pin camera, whatever you have on hand - and get your photos to me by Monday of next week (Jan 18, before midnight Pacific time), and you'll be entered to win your Black Orchid cocktail free (I'll pay for it myself!) on Jan 20. Two winners will be chosen - one via random drawing, and one for the most interesting, creative, beautiful, funny, or otherwise entertaining. Each photo entered is worth on drawing ticket (so if you have 20 photos, your name goes into the hat 20 times). Every photo entered must have the cocktail in it... but the rest is up to you! I'll announce the winners here on the blog by Wednesday, Jan 20, before 5pm. Photos may be submitted via email at , or posted to your Twitter account with an @BlackOrchidClub (or you can bring a Polaroid into the bar). Can't wait for some awesome clicks!

I'll see YOU tonight for Week 11 at the Island!


Photo Credit: Paul McMillan and Gabriel Hurley of Zero Coordinate, Inc.

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