Friday, November 6, 2009

Week One: Song of Delilah

…and we’re off!  Week one of the Black Orchid Club features the Song of Delilah.


The Song of Delilah is a cocktail featuring Licor 43, (a delightful Spanish liqueur with vanilla, spice and citrus notes), pomegranate, honey and fresh banana nectar.  My inspiration for this cocktail came to me one evening while listening to one of my favorite albums, Rains in the Tropics, by the incomparable Gene Rains.


Our very first card holding member of the Black Orchid Club is Tracey Lee, who arrived just after opening.  Here is Tracey with her card, cocktail, and as you can see, she’s number one!tracyleenumber1    The evening went on with lots of excitement and many participants.  We now have 61 card holding members of the Black Orchid Club…  scroll down through the blog to see photo of the Initiates!

If you are not yet following the Black Orchid Club Twitter, be sure to add it.  There will be special perks and prizes for those who follow the Twitter feed (and clues and inside information will be there too).


For those of you who didn’t make it in on Wednesday, this is what card number one looks like:




Photos of some of the first night members of the Black Orchid Club:

DSC00679  DSC00680


DSC00684   DSC00689



DSC00691    DSC00696






Mai Tai (Bill Graff, on the left above), brought up the rear as the LAST person to order the Song of Delilah on Wednesday.  Rock on Mai Tai!

I’ll see YOU at the Island!



  1. We had a good time last Wednesday, but we always have fun at FI, the Black Orchid club is an added bonus. We're looking forward to this Wednesday, and to the clues! Looks like we may have to start a Wednesday Adventure Series...

  2. George and Justine, great blog! I love the idea of your adventure series. Looking forward to seeing you soon!