Friday, November 20, 2009

A few photos of Black Orchid Club, week 3 - Rhapsody in Blue

Thanks, Crease Monkey, for the excellent photos!

A lovely photo of the sign outside Forbidden Island

Suzanne (me!) with 5 Rhapsody in Blue cocktails and Fezzilla

Rhapsody in Blue

Rhapsody in Blue, with card and fortune!

More details about week 3 coming up!

I'll see YOU at the Island!



  1. Hey Suzanne:
    Hope you like the pics... with the lighting, I'm not sure which photo better captures the hue of the drink.
    I'll be there next Wednesday for Week 4, but then heading off to watch Sharks.

  2. The photos are fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing them. Lucky you, with tickets to see the Sharks! Should be a fun game vs Chicago. I'll see you on Wednesday!