Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vampires, Bananas, and the world's only Theremin lounge band

Like none other! I spent another Saturday cocktailing, and Saturday nights
are unlike any other night at Forbidden Island. A totally different crowd comes
in on the weekends, and it's fun to see many people discover the place for the
very first time. After about 9pm it picked up and we were slammed until after 1am.
The best part of Saturday, though, was the fact that there was another event happening on the island - a dance sponsored by PEERS called Le Bal des Vampires (The Vampire Ball), that is an annual event for PEERS, and happened to be taking place in Alameda. The beauty of it was that after the dance, several of the vampires decided to take a quick side trip over to FI before the sun rose... in all of their multi-century finery (I saw vampires in every sort of costume, from medieval to 18th century French to modern), the vampires remained to drown themselves in the Two Crazy Redheads Bowl (Click here to see video), and about three rounds of Banana Mamacows. Note to self: When expecting vampires, be sure to have extra bananas on hand.

As we rolled into Sunday, it was time for an afternoon with Project Pimento, the world's only theremin lounge band! I really love Project Pimento, and it was a great treat to see and hear them while I was working shakin' up that rum. We were busy (no surprise with a great band like this), but I was glad I did have a chance to shoot a few quick photos.

You know you're working in the right bar when one of your regulars produces bongos and starts jamming with the band:

Even more mania is coming up for week 2 of the Black Orchid Club... stay tuned!

I'll see YOU at the Island!


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