Saturday, September 3, 2011

A photo interlude... Tiki Oasis 2011

Tiki Oasis was, as usual, a complete blast. Forbidden Island hosted two back to back suite parties which were both packed for three straight hours... and we had a ball. I wanted to share some of the photos. Dig it! My first cocktail of the weekend, being poured into the approved container: A Mr. Bali Hai at the Bali Hai
Loading in a teensy bit of the rum for the weekend!
Line outside the Forbidden Island suite for Friday evening's party:
View from the balcony - floors and floors of parties at the Crowne Plaza Hanalei:
It felt like New Year's Eve! Marissa of Rock-a-Hula, Michael, owner of Forbidden Island and myself right before opening the doors of Saturday night's gala, One Night in Havana:
The Havana cocktail, with fresh mint, champagne,and Mt. Gay Eclipse:
The invaluable and utterly handsome Marty, running the roulette table for the evening:
The party in full swing. We couldn't have done it without our wonderful and generous sponsor, Mt. Gay:
Not to mention the overwhelming generosity of Cruzan, who sponsored Friday night's Fun in Acapulco party:
And Appleton, who sponsored us in the Sip 'n' Shop on Friday afternoon, where I served the "So Danco Samba," made with a flambeed Appleton rum cordial, Punt e Mes, Ramazzotti Amaro, vanilla and fresh lime juice:
Some of the usual characters were present, and a few unusual ones too. Here's a mysterious masked man, who is apparently a little bit ticklish:
Behind the bar with Patrick, who looked like a million dollars and was a darling and so very helpful all evening:
With The Mayor of Exotica (Tim Mayer of the Waitiki 7, and guest soloist with Don Tiki for the weekend), and Patrick:
After hours in the suite, Tim and Alika Lyman jammed straight ahead for us:
And then, there was Sunday. The judges came around to let us know our Saturday night Havana party was the best of the weekend! Here we are with our winning plaque:
And then... DON TIKI! I have to say that this was one of the best concerts I've seen in years. Solid, awesome exotica and latin jazz. The crowd hung on every note and was just waiting for the chance to jump up for a standing ovation. Seeing them on the mainland was an amazing treat. I hope I don't have to wait another ten years!
I love this shot - they were on stage, but the lighting makes it look like Lopaka was playing on the beach at sunset:
Just because we love good rum at Forbidden Island, we got up early on Monday morning and flew back to the Bay Area, just in time for the Brugal 1888 rum launch! Make sure to come by and try this wonderful new treat!
I'll see YOU at the Island! --Suzanne

(Photos by Suzanne Long, Michael Thanos, and the Ohana of the Tiki community. Mahalo!)

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  1. You guys hosted a great party. I can't wait to get back to Forbidden Island.