Monday, September 12, 2011

Indian Summer with Black Orchid Sessions at Forbidden Island!

The weather is warm and breezy, the sun is shining, and yet the shadows are just a little bit longer and leaves blow across the lanai... yes, the golden season of California has arrived. It is our wonderful Indian Summer. In Black Orchid sessions tonight I have some fresh flavors in tribute, and am featuring a refreshing and tantalizing new cocktail, Maize, which is made with the light flavors of organic white California corn and heirloom tomatoes, and a red wine chipotle reduction paring beautifully with the Hangar One Chipoltle Vodka. Flavorful, yet surprisingly not overly spicy, this new cocktail will seduce you in the warm evening. Come and try one! Taste the fresh heirloom tomato and corn waters, and the stunning richness of the new syrup, and let's create a brand new cocktail just for you tonight!

Sessions is waiting for you! And, as always, enjoy Happy Hour all night long on Mondays!

I'll see YOU, TONIGHT, at the Island!

-- Suzanne

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