Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Which one did you LOVE? Choose your syrup!

Sessions today is up for a fun new spin. Today I'm bringing back many of the syrups we've seen in the last few weeks, and in your Sessions, you can choose which syrup you'd like to use... or several, if you want! These are the specialty ingredients I have available today:

Exotica: A bitter chocolate orange delicacy.

Maple-Apple-Cinnamon Reduction (Bitch Syrup): in the one and only Black-Hearted Bitch.

Rose Syrup: Floral, delightful, springtime in a glass!

Black Orchid Orgeat: My special recipe orgeat with almond milk, almond extract, and pure cane sugar.

and, the amazing Black Orchid Syrup, a french black tea, vanilla and sour cherry reduction.

Choose any (or several!) for your sessions tonight... come and taste them all! Custom create several totally different cocktails! And we're reprising that fantastic grog, the Black-Hearted Bitch!

Only with Black Orchid Sessions, and only at Forbidden Island!

I'll see YOU at the Island!


Photo Credit: Bill Mai Tai Graff. The cocktail is a Sessions cocktail created for him with Prickly Pear called "Zazz... in the Desert."

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