Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sessions V: Black Orchid Orgeat

Monday was a blast… opened up Forbidden Island for a video and photography team from to shoot some great photos of Black Orchid cocktails, and video of myself creating some of the most exciting Sessions creations to date.  You’re going to love these videos!  I’ll have more information as the release date gets closer.   Spread the word… if the Sessions cocktail you create with me gets chosen, you just might have it featured in the video series!

Today  I’ll be creating custom cocktails with Black Orchid Orgeat, an almond syrup made with almond milk.  Orgeat is one of the four ingredients that go into that most classic of tropical cocktails, the Mai Tai.  Come on in and try the Black Orchid version!  Here are this week’s specialty cocktails:

Black Orchid Mai Tai

Trader Vic Bergeron created the Mai Tai in 1944 right here in the Bay Area.  The Black Orchid version of this classic cocktail, with two rums, and fresh lime is indeed "Mai Tai Roe Ae" Tahitian for "Out of This World!"


S.S. Lurline Cocktail

Board the S.S. Lurline in San Francisco Bay and begin your trip to the Islands!  This cocktail with Black Orchid Orgeat, Lemon, Grand Mariner and bourbon is poolside perfection.  Aloha!




I’ll see YOU at the Island!



Mai Tai photo credit:  Check ‘em out!

S.S. Lurline Photo Credit:

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