Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What an awesome 13 weeks! Reckoning Party tomorrow!

...and here we are! 13 weeks have passed, and the Black Orchid Club has been such a complete blast. Tomorrow is the Reckoning Party, where all the prizes will be awarded and you'll see EXACTLY how many people really did have every single Black Orchid cocktail. I'll tell you one thing, it blows my mind. :)

Awards begin at 7:30pm, so be sure to be here tomorrow by then, and bring all of your cards. You must present your cards to win!

In case you need a checklist, here it is:

Week 1: Song of Delilah
Week 2: Valmont
Week 3: Rhapsody in Blue
Week 4: Pumpkin Delight
Week 5: Bora Bora Tea Punch
Week 6: Bavarian Yule
Week 7: Kiss of the Tiki
Week 8: Alta California
Week 9: Cape Verde Collins
Week 10: Taj Mahal Twilight
Week 11: Howard Street Cocktail
Week 12: Beseme Tamarindo
Week 13: Black Orchid

Wild Cards:

3am Atlantic
Girl From Alameda
Cherry Blossom Fizz
Island Bitters

We've also got DJ Otto for Otto's Grotto, and his special guest Johnny "Big Hands" Bartlett (The Phantom Surfers, The Barbary Coasters, Hillsdale Records), spinning wax for your dancing pleasure. AND it's Baby Doe's birthday!

Looking forward to a fabulous night all around.

I'll see YOU, TOMORROW, at the Island!


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