Monday, March 28, 2011

Tiki... Daleks?

Sometimes, being a geek and loving cocktails works out as a pretty awesome thing. Saw a link today from Tiki Talk about the winning masquerade costume at Gallifrey One, the North American Dr. Who Convention. Apparently, it was made out of grass skirts, coconuts, and other tiki fabulousness.

If that doesn't deserve an honorary cocktail, what does?

Come on over to Forbidden Island tonight, and try the Tiki Dalek yourself... or get Ex-ti-ki-nated!

I'll see YOU at the Island!



  1. Hey Suzanne --

    Tiki Dalek has been invited to appear on display at the BarBot2011 robot bartender competition this Saturday in SF.

    (And as a Tiki cocktail afficionado, I'd love to learn your recipe for the Tiki Dalek...)

    Kevin Roche (creator of TDK, the Tiki Dalek)

  2. what does it say...Inebriate! Inebriate!

  3. He also says "Intoxicate! Intoxicate!" and "Exuberate! Exuberate!" (Tiki Dalek has too much fun to go around exterminating anyone)

  4. Ok, so I may be a month late on this, but is it too late to come into F.I. and get a Tiki Dalek drink?

    I'd absolutely love to get one if you're still willing to make it. :)

  5. Kevin - I never got notification of your comment and am distressed to say I missed it! I sincerely hope to have another chance.

    Patrick - Yes. Come on a day I'm here (Monday or Wednesday is best) and I'll happily make one for you!

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