Monday, August 9, 2010

A Sparkling Monday Birthday Celebration

champagnebubbles It’s Monday… and I’m celebrating my birthday at the Island tonight!  Come over and experience Black Orchid Sessions with two choices this evening.  I am featuring my Sesame Syrup for custom cocktails, and also on the menu is a flight of champagne cocktails.  Come by and taste these four sparkling delights:

Initiate in California:

Muddled Mint, Rose, and golden rum, with an orange flower bitters sugar cube and dried rose petals dropped into brut champagne.

Hollywood Hills Sparkler:

St Germain Elderflower Liqueur and Lemoncello with a gorgeous lemon twist and luscious bubbles.  Imagine yourself up in the hills sipping this and gazing down at the golden sparkling lights of Los Angeles.  It just might be the best part of LA you’ll ever taste.

The Primitive and the Passionate

A wonderful record by Les Baxter that tastes just like fresh berries, melon, tamarind and sparkling champagne.  Oh yes, we did.

St. George’s Northern Lights

St George’s glorious floral absinthe splashed on a Demerara sugar cube, then dropped into a sparkling mix of Plymouth Gin, fresh lemon, and a drop of real Luxardo Marasca cherry syrup.

Thirsty yet?  I am!

Have you recapped the last two cocktails of the Black Orchid Club?  Here they are, weeks 4 and 5:

Sophisticated Savage (2 of 4) Week Four:  Sophisticated Savage

He is dashing in white when called upon, but equally at home in the depths of the jungle.  He is handsome and tall, with his hat just so.  From the African bush to the wilds of Hong Kong streets, there is nothing he is not ready for - but the cocktail hour is never missed.  Lillet Rouge in the arms of our rich dark rum make a cocktail that the Sophisticated Savage will always pause to sip.

Did you get the clue?  The card read:  “Between the two doors of FI, you will find the Jungle Wild.”  Did you indeed find…  the Jungle Madness Wild Card?  If you didn’t, you’d better come in and ask for it!

Have a listen to Sophisticated Savage, from Les Baxter’s ground breaking album, Ritual of the Savage:

Week Five:  Limehouse Blues


Rings on your fingers and tears on your crown, that is the story of old Chinatown.  Our custom tonic syrup with fresh lime, English Dry Gin, hidden ancient spices and a sparkling finish will take to you to the edge of the Thames River and a shipside delivery of awaited treasures.


Did you call the number?  641-715-3900 x 272082.

Do it.  Do it now. Come in to FI on Wednesday and tell me all about it!

Finally, have you NOTICED something linking all of these cocktails together?  Have you noticed a common theme?  If you have, and you can give me the correct answer on Wednesday Aug 11, there will be a VERY special WILD CARD Cocktail and Card…  put on your thinking caps, and let me know.  Here’s a hint:

You may have heard the answer while reading this blog.

I’ll see YOU, tonight for my birthday and Wednesday for wild cards and more delectable delights!


-- Suzanne

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