Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Sunday... Sunny MONDAY!

It's another stunning sunny day, and I'm gearing up for Pearl's Kitchen, the corned beef street vendor who brings Grandma's Jewish Kitchen to the Street. At 4pm we'll have hand made corned beef sandwiches and brunch cocktails... who could possibly ask for anything more?

... you can?

Ok, then, you've got me. I guess you'll just have to come by TOMORROW, on MONDAY, to experience the kickoff of Forbidden Island Mondays. That's right, starting tomorrow, May 24th, FI will officially be open 7 days a week. And Monday evenings are certainly not to be missed. Yours truly will be behind the stick, and we'll have HAPPY HOUR all night long, a SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT ONLY MENU, and the continuation of BLACK ORCHID SESSIONS, all for your imbibing pleasure. Take a peek at the menu:

and tomorrow's special ingredient is my Gazpacho Water, with tomato, cucumber, basil and dill, and the cocktail with it will simply blow you away.

I'll see YOU, this afternoon and TOMORROW, at the Island!


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