Wednesday, October 28, 2009

T-Minus One Week to the Black Orchid Club!

Beginning Wednesday, November 4, 2009, you will be treated to a unique experience... you will be initiated into the Black Orchid Club, exclusively at Forbidden Island. On that Wednesday and for 13 consecutive Wednesdays, you have the opportunity to taste an all unique, all original, all new, and totally exclusive cocktail. Each cocktail will only be available on that specific Wednesday, and will never again be available at Forbidden Island. When you come in and order the special cocktail of the day, you will also be presented with a collectible card, specific to the cocktail. At the end of the 13 weeks, if you have been present for 9 of the thirteen weeks in a row (or at least have cards to prove it) then you will win a prize!

These are the details:

One card, per person, per evening.
Cards may be traded! So, if you can't make it in, send a friend! Also, remember that you only need 9 in a row to win, not all 13. However, if you do collect all 13 cards, you will win an even more exciting prize!

Wild Cards:
Should you miss an opportunity to come in on a Wednesday evening, there are two chances to earn Wild Cards. Wild Cards may be used to fill in any holes in your 9 consecutive weeks, at no penalty. Clues about how to earn the Wild Cards will come from the bar, the cards themselves, and from clues on the new blog, Shakin' Rum and Pineapples... Tales from behind the bamboo stick at Forbidden Island:, as well as the Twitter feed for the blog, Bookmark these! Once you have solved the Wild Card riddles, you will be able to come in and claim your Wild Cards, and you'll be able to then order the two Wild Card cocktails... which you can only try by knowing the answers to the riddles.

All in all, we have 13 weeks, 15 all original cocktails, 15 trading cards, great prizes, and much much more!

Good Luck everyone!

I'll see you at the Island!


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  1. suzanne -

    can't, can't, can't wait till wednesday. this is going to be a wonderful experience, and I thank you for giving us the opportunity to share it with all of you. I'm looking forward to tasting - no, SAVORING - all fifteen cocktails. yeah, I'm THAT girl, but you already knew that from our prior chats!

    see you soon,